What do Physicians say


Dr. Joshua Meyer describes the role and benefits of ExAblate       Dr. Mark Hurwitz overviews painful bone metastases
for treatment of painful bone metastases                                  and lays out treatment options


Dr.Joshua Mayer‚ Fox Chase Cancer Center‚ PA‚ USA‚                      Dr. Mark Hurwitz describes improvement in pain relief and
presents his clinical experience with ExAblate to palliate                   quality of life after treatment with ExAblate for painful bone
pain caused by painful bone metastases.                                             metastases

This is done in one treatment‚ and with results within days.

Professor Wady Gedroyc of St. Mary's Hospital NHS Trust
and Imperial College London‚ UK discusses a new application
of MR guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS)‚ for the palliation of bone metastases.